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Langata road traffic grid lock as schools re-open

Motorists using Langata Road were in a hell hole of traffic on Wednesday evening as students reported back to school.

The road experienced heavy traffic as the usual rush hour collided with that of students reporting back for their second term.

Some took to social media platforms to express their disappointment with the situaton on the road.

@Thekitur tweeted, “Sunshine Secondary School should open on Sundays. For the good of the entire community.”


Sunshine Secondary School is among the education institutions located along the busy road that serves residents accessing Langata and Rongai among areas.

@Garfieldina tweeted, “Greetings from Langata Road parking lot.”

Nairobi County has been experiencing major traffic snarl-ups over the rainy season as some of the drainage systems blocked and over run to the roads.

With the opening of schools for the second term that has been taking place since Monday, motorists had expected traffic delays.

The Governor announced major plans to decongest the city roads and implemented the removal of five major roundabouts but days later some were reopened.