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Larry Madowo: Being on Twitter is pointless!

How would you feel if you had 1.8 million followers on twitter? For media personality and journalist Larry Madowo, it’s all pointless.

Madowo, who has been on Twitter for 11 years, rubbished the platform in a post he shared saying, “11 years and 1.8 million followers later, I am now more convinced than ever that Twitter is probably pointless. I’ve wasted my life. What are we doing here?” he tweeted.

In 2018 when he was reminded of his milestone of reaching 60,000 tweets on the social networking platform, he still rubbished it and said, “I’ve wasted my life,”

His fans had mixed reactions to the tweet with some asking him to delete his Twitter account.

The former NTV presenter quit his job at the BBC’s Nairobi bureau in July 2019 and relocated to the United States for further studies at the Columbia University in New York as a full-time student.