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Larry Madowo shocks fans by eating mice – VIDEO

Former NTV news anchor Larry Madowo has left the online community in shock after sharing a video of himself eating roasted mice.

In the video shot in Malawi, Larry is handed the mice on a skewer by a trader selling the delicacy by the roadside.

He then proceeds to examine the mice that are neatly stacked on the skewer.

The BBC Africa Business Editor then cuts a chunk of the mice meat, smells it before putting it on his mouth.

“Can I also eat the head?” asks Larry.

His face is expressionless as he munches the mice.

He later says that the meat tastes ‘just like chicken’.

“I ate a mouse for the first time and it was, well, amazing! Mice (not rats!) are a delicacy in parts of Malawi. Tastes just like chicken,” he wrote on Twitter.

Kenyans on Twitter have reacted to Larry’s stunt with hilarious comments on why he should not have eaten the delicacy in the first place.

“Sasa umekula pesa ya kanisa, 3 gallons of expired milk and dirty water, kamisi mbili, 3 newspapers na uchafu yote huko Malawi literally,” tweeted @JohnNgeru.

“Yani uliacha panya za muthurwa za bure ukakule panya za Malawi. See your life,” said @nyagathiri85.

“We have disowned you!” wrote @lindaoguttu.

“Vaccination apo airport ukirudi please,” suggested @awino_g.

“Hakuna cha Mice wala sijui Rat. Panya ni panya man,” commented @joenjoro.

“My goodness you will never kiss me again,” said @ImaniImmah.

“Please stay there don’t come back,” said @theshephered.