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Larry Madowo taunted by fans to bring back Miguna on Sidebar

By NAIRA HABIB October 24th, 2017 2 min read

NTV’s Larry Madowo is a man under siege from his fans on social media. They are demanding for the immediate return of lawyer Miguna Miguna to his Sidebar show.

Larry shocked his audience last week  after banning the outspoken from the show that airs every Wednesday.

The call for Miguna’s return was sparked by a tweet from a fan on Monday who inquired whether the show will air this week due to the elections set for Thursday.

Which evoked a response from Larry saying, “Election Eve? Kuna bonge la show!”

Miguna and Larry fell out during last week’s show over a statement the lawyer made that seemed to be advocating for violence.

“For a revolution to take place, blood sometimes has to be involved,” Miguna said as he was issuing his final remarks on Sidebar.

But he was immediately cut short by the host who would not let Miguna explain himself.

Miguna sharply responded that he had to be allowed to finish his final remarks uninterrupted.

“Don’t call me back here if you will keep on interjecting when I am expressing my independent views,” Miguna said.

To everyone’s astonishment, Madowo told the vocal panelist not to come back to his show.

“If you are not going to answer my questions then don’t come back to my show!” Madowo told Miguna as the two kept on arguing, before he abruptly ended the show: “We leave it there then.”

Here are some reactions from KOT.