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Damn the 1 million followers! Why Larry Madowo wants to delete his Twitter account

NTV presenter Larry Madowo says he is seriously considering deleting his Twitter account for good, even if it means losing his 1.4 million followers.

In an article he penned for the Washington Post, Madowo, who refers to himself as a ‘relatively prominent journalist’, says he believes that decision could do him alot of good since he will be cutting off the vile, toxic hate via offensive tweets.

“My experience on the platform has been the most degrading experience of my career. I am constantly considering deleting my account for good. If nothing changes soon, I will have no choice but to deactivate it and walk away from the vile, toxic mess it is for heavy users with strong opinions like me,” he writes.

Larry also seems to apportion some blame on the management of the popular social media platform, for seemingly not doing enough to rectify the situation.


“Twitter chief executive Jack Gorey seems to have finally accepted that his platform has become a raging dumpster fire. But if Twitter looks like a corrosive, hate-filled deluge of filth in the West, it’s even worse in my part of the world,” Larry begins his article.

“Hate and abuse are now synonymous with tweeting, but Twitter’s indifference (or inability) to deal with it has been particularly damaging. I’ve reported multiple accounts that directly threatened me or whose abuse crossed a line — yet there is almost always no response from Twitter — especially if the offending tweets are in local languages.”

The journalists also complains about the ‘face-less’ offenders who operate psuedo accounts which they use to spread threats and hate.

You can read Larry’s full article here.