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Larry Madowo’s spooky encounter with night stalker in Rwanda hotel room

NTV presenter Larry Madowo has narrated a spin chilling encounter with a stalker in the dead of the night at a posh hotel in Rwanda last week.

Larry, in his weekly #Front Row column in the Daily Nation, recounted how the man called him at ungodly hour just to tell him that he wanted to talk to him.

The man would later find his way to Larry’s hotel room where he persistently attempted to force the door open.

“He spoke with the confidence of someone who knew me rather well and if it was odd that he was calling me past 2am, it didn’t register in his tone,” Larry wrote.

According to Larry the man was allowed to access the hotel yet it had the best security you can find anywhere because there were a few presidents in the building.


“About 10 minutes later, there was a knock on my door. If you’re familiar with the consistent rhythm of Sheldon Cooper’s knocking in “The Big Bang Theory”, know that it was nothing like that. Instead of just knocking repeatedly while calling my name at intervals, he was commentating through the whole thing.”

“How did this mysterious character pass two access-controlled doors that required a card to open and end up within, right outside my room?” Larry wondered.

He tried to call the front desk and the phone line was down. All this time the stranger, who identified himself as Nick, was still standing and knocking his door all the time.

Larry opted to send text messages to no less than four different Kigali contacts which he has.


According to the security desk the man convinced the Radisson Blu Kigali’s front desk that they were friends. They claimed he had my name and room number on a piece of paper when he approached them from another room in the hotel.

When Larry had hanged up on him earlier, the stranger told them, he had asked him to come up so they allowed him.

The front desk had only taken a copy of his passport and let him pass. Larry finally got the hotel on line and they removed the night visitor from his door.

“I understand he was arrested and investigations are under way,” he concluded.