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Larry Madowo wins prestigious award for his Masters Thesis

Former NTV news anchor Larry Madowo has been voted the winner of the 2020 Philip Greer Award for his Financial Writing at the Columbia University (Journalism School) in New York.

Madowo, who was previously the BBC’s Africa Business Editor, was admitted to Columbia University back in April 2019.

Madowo shared the good news with his fans on Twitter.

“I spent months reporting on Jumia’s first year on the NYSE from Lagos, Berlin, New York for my Columbia Master thesis. My 9000 word piece just won the 2020 Philip Greer award,” Madowo tweeted.

Mr Madowo said that he was also co-authoring an MBA case study on it at Columbia School.

He said that he poured a lot of pages and he had decided to keep details of the project under wraps until he graduates from Columbia University.

Madowo is scheduled to graduate today.

Madowo also thanked Bloomberg News Executive Editor Winnie O’Kelley, who is also a professor of business journalism at Columbia, for her guidance in crafting the award-winning thesis.