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Last moments of Instagramer, Aziza Frisby, revealed by autopsy report

By Neema Amani October 9th, 2023 2 min read

The life of Aziza Frisby, a rising social media personality of British and Tanzanian heritage, came to an untimely end.

Her last moments remain shrouded in mystery as an autopsy has ruled out any signs of physical attack, leaving suspicions that she may have succumbed to an overdose.

The pathologists who conducted the autopsy found her body intact, dispelling any initial notions of foul play.

However, in their quest for answers, samples were carefully collected from her body for toxicology tests. These tests aim to shed light on the circumstances surrounding her sudden and tragic demise.

Aziza Frisby’s lifeless body was discovered on Wednesday, October 4, morning, long after her passing had occurred. She was found in her bed, and it was noted that she had vomited before her tragic end.

Aziza, known for her mixed racial background with both British and Tanzanian roots, gained prominence on social media platforms in 2017.

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Her captivating online presence had garnered her a dedicated following of admirers who were left in shock by the news of her passing.

Details surrounding the events leading up to her death are still emerging, but her roommate, who is also her sister, provided a crucial account to authorities.

According to her roommate, they had spent Tuesday night socializing with Aziza and a group of friends, enjoying drinks together at their residence.

The group had been joined by additional friends at their house before eventually retiring for the evening after a night of revelry.

Aziza Frisby, like the others, had retired to her room at Elina Apartments in Kilimani, where they had been residing.

However, in the morning Aziza failed to respond when her roommate, who was also her sister, attempted to wake her. Realizing the gravity of the situation, an ambulance was summoned to the scene.

Tragically, medical personnel confirmed that Aziza had already passed away before their arrival. In response to the heartbreaking incident, the police were promptly alerted and launched a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death.

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Vera Sidika, a close friend of Aziza, expressed her suspicions when news of Aziza’s passing made headlines.

She firmly believes that Aziza’s shining star became too bright for some, leading to a tragic end.

“I can promise you one thing, that girl’s star is too bright they couldn’t take it anymore. They had to finish her, and we will get to the bottom of this. Jealousy is everywhere. I know for sure what that city has turned into. You can’t trust nobody,” she wrote.

The founder of Veetox also revealed that she had recently spoken with Aziza and couldn’t believe the heartbreaking news of her demise.

“It’s a Liiiiiiiieeeeeee. I still can’t believe it. Not my baby. No. No No, this is just a bad nightmare. We just spoke the other day…”

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