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Last moments of Samidoh’s nephew before brutal murder

Jeff Mwathi, the late nephew of Samidoh, tragically passed away in a bizarre incident.

His girlfriend, Faith Wairimu from Mau Narok, shared the last moments of Jeff’s whereabouts before he died.

Jeff’s girlfriend notes that her last conversation with Jeff was when he sent a video to show her where he was.

“He then called me and told me that they had left Quiver to DJ Fatxo’s place but he will still come home,” she recalls.

“You just take a taxi and come home direct…I will be waiting,” she responded to him.

Jeff was last seen at famous Mugithi singer DJ Fatxo’s apartment in Kasarani, and according to his girlfriend, his last moments are shrouded in mystery.

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It has been reported that DJ Fatxo was in the company of three ladies, Jeff, his cousin, and his driver but left with three ladies in the early morning of the fateful night. Minutes later, Jeff had allegedly jumped off the 10th floor of the building.

She recounts that one of the ladies last seen with Jeff, identified as Mutanu, called her (Jeff’s girlfriend), enquiring about his whereabouts. “Did Jeff come to the house in the morning?” Mutanu asked.

“No, he did not. What is the matter because I’m trying to call his phone, but it is off. And I know if his phone has been stolen or lost, he would look for another phone and reach me,” she told Mutanu.

Mutanu would then tell Jeff’s girlfriend that DJ Fatxo told her Jeff had caused drama since Samidoh was his uncle before retiring to bed.

“DJ Fatxo woke up at 7:00 am and went to the studio leaving Jeff asleep but when he came back at 11:00 am he found Jeff was not around,” Mutanu narrates to Jeff’s girlfriend.

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The latter then asked Mutanu to check out the CCTV cameras Mutanu told her she would call back after 20 minutes.

“I was at work and when the 20 minutes elapsed Mutanu told me she had no new information. I left and asked for permission from my place of work before leaving for home.”

On her way, Jeff’s girlfriend called Jeff’s brother and asked him to go to their home and look for him. He could be sleeping, nursing a hangover.

“He told me that Jeff was not in the house. I then called Mutanu and asked what the CCTV cameras were showing. She told me that they showed that Jeff wore slippers and left the house without his shoes. She would then call back and clarify that he also left without his jacket,” she narrates.

Mutanu would then explain that in DJ Fatxo’s building, one cannot leave without having their fingerprints or someone identifying him.

“She then told me that it is possible that Jeff went and slept on the rooftop. I asked her how could that be possible since Jeff was not a user of heavy drugs so much that he could sleep off anywhere. She then told me that it could be that Jeff went to one of his friend’s place,” she says.

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