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Last moving messages K-rupt’s brother left before his death

By Winnie Mabel September 8th, 2022 2 min read

Hilton Mwakio alias Mwax the Herbalist died on Tuesday, September 6, 2022. The cause of his death remains unknown.

He was the last surviving member of the Mwakio nuclear family as his mother passed on in March 2021 and his big brothet K-rupt, born Carlton Williams Bongo Juma, died in November 2003.

In a series of social media posts, Mwax sent heartfelt tributes to K-rupt, remembering him for being a great friend and mentor to him.

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“On a day like this…18 years ago today, some person decided to take your life away but he kept you from fading away from our hearts.

I miss you my brother, my best friend, my mentor. Thanks for teaching me what I know today, take care of Mao, dad and Eddag and always keep praying for me,” Mwax wrote in November 2021.

A year earlier, Mwax hailed the late K-rupt as a man with a thoughtful nature and a good heart.

“…we celebrate the remarkable mark he left on many. So I thought for once we should clarify and remember him for who he was. He was a brother, a friend, a mentor, a teacher to most, a guide to many, and a head bumper to plenty.

Some said that he thought he would be brave and thus why he was shot, when in fact, he was kind to his last [breath].

A person grazed by the bullet that passed him said, ‘He was just asleep, and as they shouted they woke him up and told him to go behind’.

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People saw as if he knew them, but he said nothing and as he was going to the back of the matatu… sigh!!! He never quarrelled with anyone, and always did his best to bring peace where it was needed.

As we celebrate him, let’s try and emulate his heart, his thoughtful nature and his unyielding wish to leave a mark on this world. After all, that is our main goal for living life. Living it to the fullest. We miss you Bongo. And love you even the more,” wrote Mwax.

K-rupt was killed when carjackers shot him in the head as they robbed passengers in a public service vehicle.

News of his death shocked Kenyans to the core as his star was just beginning to shine with bangers he released including Tukawake, Bamba, Dada Njoo and Tunapepea among others.

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