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Late De Mathew’s second wife thrown out of house in family feud

Three years since the tragic death of the legendary Kikuyu musician John De Mathew on 18 August 2019, chaos visited his family when his second wife was thrown out of the home she shared with the deceased.

In an update Carolynne Waithera made on social media, she revealed that only one of her late husband’s friends has been checking up on her after everyone abandoned her.

“I swear Njogu was your friend, he has been checking up on me and your little Matthew ‘Simba’. How I wish you can come back and know that you didn’t have friends. 

But on the other hand, you had a few true friends…I wish you knew how your family treated me as well after your demise. They even threw me out of our house, where I gave birth to your son…” Carolynne wrote.

She added that despite the hardships, she had never lacked as God had been faithful to her.

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This revelation comes as a surprise considering how the co-wives- Carolynne and the first wife, Sarafina Wairimu, stunned Kenyans with their show of unity at De Mathew’s burial.

Sarafina went to the extent of comforting Carolynne, assuring her that all will be well and no one would come between them.

“Carolynne has respected me and we do not want anyone to come between us. Our children live together in harmony and nothing will change after our husband’s death. 

There are people trying to incite us. Let me tell you, there is no space. We are closer than ever and God is in control,” said Sarafina at the burial attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta among other dignitaries.

The two went on to release a Kikuyu song together, attempting to walk in their late husband’s shoes.

How Sarafina and Carolynne came to be co-wives started out as dramatic as can be expected. In a 2019 Switch TV interview, Sarafina revealed that she hadn’t always been for the idea of polygamy but warmed up to the marriage dynamic seven years into their union.

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Sarafina revealed that she agonized over where she could have fallen short for her husband to begin conversations about bringing in a second wife. She later devised a way to confirm if indeed there was another woman in her husband’s life and confronted him.

For fear of derailing his music career, Sarafina said she did not want to stress him out about the new relationship even as Carolynne went on to reveal that De Matthew demanded of her to meet Sarafina.

“He vowed to chase me away if I refused to meet Sarafina. He was very tough and so I went ahead with the meeting. We met at a hotel and since then, we have been friends,” Carolynne added.

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