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Late DRC coup leader Christian Musumari Malanga’s last social media posts and manifesto

Christian Musumari Malanga, a leader of an attempted coup in the Democratic Republic of Congo who was killed on Sunday, May 19, presented himself as a political leader of positive change.

A search of his official social media accounts and his life as an exiled political leader living in the United States of America (USA) clearly shows that he had plans for his home country.

On Sunday, Mr Malanga led a group of armed men who stormed and took control of the National Palace in Kinshasa.

They even managed to hoist a flag of former Zaire before security forces neutralised them.
Hours before he was killed, he posted on his verified Facebook page, “New Zaire”.

The spokesman for the DRC army, General Sylvain Ekenge, said in a live broadcast that the coup attempt had been “suppressed by the armed forces” and that the attackers had been neutralised.

He urged the country’s citizens to “go about their business freely”.
Mr Malanga, who grew up in the US, is a man who had a plan to take over as head of state in the DRC.

Born on January 2, 1983, the businessman, who has also served as a military officer in the past, was the founder of the United Congolese Party (UCP) following its participation in the DRC’s controversial 2011 legislative elections.

Malanga was appointed the first Ambassador of the International Religious Freedom Roundtable in 2013.

On his official website, he describes himself as the “President of New Zaire and has spearheaded the ‘New Zaire First’ initiative, where entrepreneurs and innovators will thrive”.

It’s worth noting that Zaire is the former name of the Democratic Republic of Congo, which recently held elections and Felix Tshisekedi was declared the winner.

In his description, he says the new Zaire will be a place where entrepreneurs can thrive.

“Our new government will encourage business investment through privatisation and a tax plan that encourages investors with tangible long-term wealth creation opportunities. Congo’s resources are untapped and its potential is untapped,” the statement continued.

Christian Musumari Malanga
Christian Musumari Malanga, a leader of an attempted coup in the Democratic Republic of Congo. PHOTO| POOL

It says that under his leadership, the government will ensure that it promotes forward thinkers to help develop the country and establish New Zaire as the centre for business in Africa.

“Artisanal mining will be privatised with ethical practices. We will create and enforce laws to ensure that small businesses abroad have both the interest and the ability to invest in the unique opportunity of developing New Zaire,” the website continues.

On security, the New Zaire website states that ‘national defence is of paramount importance to the survival and development of a country. This means that New Zaire needs real security reform.

It says that a country’s security policy defends its values, interests, and sovereignty at home and abroad. This is necessary to support freedom, democracy, the rule of law, and human rights.

“Our country has been vulnerable to external threats, including invasion by foreign armies, due to the lack of a unified, professional and committed armed forces. Because of its vast natural wealth, New Zaire is the target of many foreign and local groups who seek to create a climate of great instability to illegally exploit the country’s wealth,” the website says under the section on security reforms.

Mr Musumari suggests that changes should be made to the current national defence and security in the DRC. In addition, new policies should be adopted that set expectations for the professionals we depend on to defend our country.

“We need a national defence system whose main task will be to defend the nation in times of war and to work on social projects in times of peace,” he said.

He said it was important for the men and women of New Zaire to be proud of their military and feel safe at home.

He said it was time for the police to be trained and equipped to deal with civilian matters.

“We will train and educate. Military service and police service are for hardworking, patriotic, and law-abiding citizens,” he said.

He added that as President, he would ensure that the military is led by the most qualified professionals, assisted by experts who will help to create this security reform for the future of New Zaire.

He added that human rights would be protected with a military trained to respect their sworn oath to serve the Congolese people and the constitution.

He also spoke of education, saying he would ensure that modern classrooms were built and that graduates would find jobs not only in the DRC but also abroad.

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