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Latoya now changes tune, says she and Konshens are still an item

By Thomas Matiko December 10th, 2019 2 min read

It appears Jamaican dancehall rapper Konshen and his wife Latoya Wright are working on their troubled marriage after she jumped to his defense amidst criticism for publicly revealing that he was the cause of their breakup.

Sometime in September, about three days to Konshen’s visit to Kenya, where he delivered a thrilling performance at the Hype Fest concert, Latoya announced on Instagram that two had parted ways.


She went on to add that Konshen was now free to get into a relationship with any woman he wanted.

Last week, Konshen, who clearly has been struggling to cope up with the split, in a long post on Instagram, blamed himself for their troubled marriage.

Aside from bashing himself, Konshens showered his wife with praises for all the joy she brought to his life over the years they had been together.

Jamaican dancehall rapper Konshen and his wife Latoya Wright. PHOTO | COURTESY
Jamaican dancehall rapper Konshen and his wife Latoya Wright. PHOTO | COURTESY

He went on to wish Latoya well in her future relationship, reminding her that he will always be a phone call away if she ever needed someone to talk to.

Naturally, the comments showing support for Latoya poured in, but not all were friendly.


A seemingly touched Latoya immediately jumped to Konshen’s defense, telling off all those who were harassing her husband for his openness on social media.

“He has a strong woman by his side and he will be nursed back to the strong man that he is and I will ensure of this. My family including my husband is my #1 prority right now. And if you have a negative opinion about that please take it elsewhere because Greg (Konshens) and I care zero,” Latoya posted on her Instagram stories.

In another post she stated that she wasn’t going to dump her husband despite the troubles that had led to their separation.

“Thanks for the hundreds of DM messages but one question, who told y’all I’m leaving my husband,” she wrote.

Konshens and Latoya dated for six years before marrying in November 2017 at a private wedding in Miami, USA.