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Lawmaker Peter Salasya admits he’s broke, waiting for first salary

By Freya Wanjiku September 11th, 2022 2 min read

Peter Salasya says his election as Mumias East lawmaker has offered hope to the youth as they bid to influence the policy making in the country.

The 30-year old MP also opened up on being ‘broke’ claiming the campaign season had drained his coffers.

“The bank account that I have is at negative zero I had taken an advance but salary is not yet in,” he explained amidst laughter.

In a television interview, the lawmaker revealed that he did not have a penny during his campaigns and never assured his supporters of donating lump sums of money.

The Egerton University graduate says when his lecturer asked the class who they wanted to be, he answered in brevity, “I want to be a leader or pastor,” not knowing that the dream would be actualized.

As a first year in the university, Salasya contested for the Director of Academics seat but never succeeded, something that pained him so much.

“By the way it was so painful to lose because everyone was telling me ‘we are going to vote for you’ but when it came I was number last. I felt so bad because even the weakest candidate I could have defeated, defeated me.”

Not losing hope, Mr Salasya contested in the 2017 general elections for the parliamentary seat but never succeeded, garnering a paltry 254 votes.

“In our culture for you to contest for such a seat you ought to have a wife, a house but I did not. So many people called me names but I did not relent,” he discloses.

Determined to give his shot again in politics, Mr Salasya says he convinced Mumias East residents by talking about real issues even though he had financial constraints.

“You know so many leaders never want to say they are broke so I used to be honest about my financial position,” he says.

He’s also thanked his friends for supporting him and promised to vouch for the needs of youth in parliament.

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