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Lawmaker Titus Khamala’s provocative description of Kakamega MCA Jael Omunyangoli stirs netizens

On March 27, 2023, Hon. Jael Omumani Omunyang’oli, a specially elected Member of the County Assembly in Kakamega County was arrested by over 10 police officers for taking part in the opposition demonstrations held and led countrywide by Azimio La Umoja’s leader, Raila Odinga.

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In a viral video, Hon Omunyang’oli was dressed in tight blue jeans and a white shirt, holding on to an ugali cooking stick as she was escorted to a police vehicle by several male police officers. One of the officers used his wooden baton to thrice spank the politician on her backside but it would appear due to the fracas surrounding her and being pulled all over the place by other officers, she did not visibly react to being hit.

“This country and the ongoing maandamano will show me unexpected things. I have just seen police here in Kakamega beating MCA Jael. Jael is a beautiful woman, kienyeji (born and raised in rural Kenya), and then a police officer takes his baton and hits her behind like this. On Jael’s behind. And this is a figured woman, well figured. I just realized that sometimes this police work is hard. I thank God I am not a policeman, let me just be the bishop in the church. I don’t understand how a well-built woman (as he shapes her behind) like Jael, with her behind and supporting documents, with a CV! A policeman cannot even see the work of the Lord (as he continued shaping out her bottom using his hands),” laughed Bishop Khamala.

He said, “And then he takes his baton, and puts it on Jael Omunyan’oli, you know? You know Jael was in the maandamano (demonstrations) but you wont just arrest her and tell her ‘wee charging her for this’. But just a man, a male officer- when you see how God has made Jael- and you are using a ‘rungu’ that God didn’t create you with. Something is wrong with your head. Something fake is in your head. That is why I just want to be the bishop, let me not be a policeman because how would I use a wooden baton on a well-built woman like Jael Omunyang’oli. Jael Omunyang’oli! (he said as he once again shaped out her assets and how far out they hang from her body). A police officer!” concluded Bishop Khamala.

Nairobi News sampled some reactions below:

The way Bishop Titus Khamala is describing Jael is so detail that makes me wanna meet her in person,” said Wes Rono.

You cannot afford to hate Lurambi MP Bishop Titus Khamala,” laughed Omwamba KE.

Haha Titus Khamala is effortlessly the most entertaining MP I have ever seen. Bro said ‘supporting documents’,” Steve Njuguna laughed as well.

The opposition is currently holding biweekly demonstrations to demand for the lowering of the high cost of living as well as against President William Ruto’s presidency.