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Lawyer and politician Wajackoyah defends Koffi Olomide over concert drama

By Winnie Mabel December 8th, 2023 2 min read

The much-anticipated Nairobi concert featuring renowned Congolese Lingala maestro, Le Grand Mopao Koffi Olomide, is under threat as promoters Jules Nsana and Noah Auma Muga of Nsana Production demand compensation for a tumultuous 2016 show.

The promoters claim they are owed nearly Sh10 million, and unless the debt is settled, the concert scheduled for December 9, 2023, at the A.S.K Dome in Nairobi Show Grounds could face disruption.


The genesis of this dispute traces back to the 2016 concert that ended in chaos, leading to Koffi Olomide’s deportation from Kenya for assaulting one of his female dancers.

Promoters allege fulfillment of all contractual obligations, including deposits, airfare, accommodation, transport charges, and venue fees. Despite their efforts to recover funds since 2016, they assert that Koffi has been unresponsive.

In a demand letter obtained by Nairobi News, the promoters, represented by Thiong’o Gachaga of Githumbi & Achoki Advocates firm, seek a refund of USD 50,032 (Sh7,669,905) and an additional Sh1,410,000, plus interest from the date of the performance to full payment.

Legal Response

In response to these claims, a press release from Conrad Law Advocates LLP, representing Aces & Light Company Limited (the event organizer), and Luchiri and Company Advocates, representing Koffi Olomide, addresses the situation.

The release dismisses the allegations brought forth in the demand letter.

The legal counsel asserts that, “the event organiser stands resolute in dismissing the baseless allegations recently brought to light. The accusations made against Koffi Olomide have been thoroughly reviewed and found to be frivolous, vexatious and without merit or substance.”

The event organiser, in partnership with Radio Africa Group Limited and other collaborators, reaffirmed their exclusive rights to the Peace Concerts, including the upcoming “Koffi Olomide Live – The Peace Concert” scheduled for December 9, 2023.

They express confidence that the concert will proceed as planned, dismissing any association with the third parties who issued the demand letter.

The release read, “In light of the recent developments, we are exploring all legal avenues to address and rectify these false allegations. Our client remains focused on delivering exceptional entertainment and fostering a vibrant cultural experience for our community.”

Adding, “We assure you that the quality and success of our events will not be compromised.”