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Lawyer Magu wore his mother’s clothes night before his death

City lawyer Paul Magu wore his mother’s clothes the night before his death, his father has revealed, hours before the family of five is laid to rest at Kiganjo, Thika.

Mr Samuel Muhiu recollected the last moments with his deceased son and said he (Magu) seemed disturbed and acted abnormally.

“I went to buy some milk to make him tea and when I came back I found him wearing his mother’s costumes. That confirmed to me that he was not normal,” said Mr Muhiu.


He added that Mr Magu came home with his clothes wet and claimed that he had met with robbers who stole his phone.

Mr Muhiu says he called his other son to alert him that something was amiss but before they could do anything, Mr Magu had disappeared on Wednesday morning.

Moments later, his body was found along the Garissa highway having been hit by a bus in what police suspect to be a case of suicide.

The couple’s children from left, Allen, Ryan and Tiffany. The family died under mysterious circumstances.
The couple’s children from left, Allen, Ryan and Tiffany. The family died under mysterious circumstances.

The bodies of his children Allen, Ryan and Tiffany were later found in a thicket near Tatu City in Ruiru while that of his wife Lydia had been discovered near Paradise Lost in Kiambu.

The Magu family tragedy, which started on Sunday, November 23, will come to an end on Tuesday this week when their bodies will be buried in a mass grave.

The tiled mass grave will be the final resting place for the family of five; Mr Muhiu’s family intends to build a mausoleum later in their memory.

“We decided to have one grave for all five bodies because there is nothing much to bury in the remains of the bodies,” said Andrew Muhiu, Mr Magu’s brother.


As police investigate the connection of the family’s connection to occult, Mr Magu’s former church Faith Evangelistic Ministry (FEM) have distanced themselves from him claiming he was not a member of their church.

Pastors from FEM are said to have visited when the first two deaths were reported but later distanced themselves from the family.

“I was later called by their lawyer warning me that he is not a member of their church but I told them as long as we are concerned he is still a member,” said Andrew.