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Lawyer Steve Ogolla now ‘sends’ Robert Alai Sh50K

Nairobi lawyer Steve Ogolla is nowhere near done with his philanthropic ways.

Come Monday and prominent blogger Robert Alai claimed on social media that Ogolla had sent him Sh50,000 via mobile money.

Alai also shared what appeared to be a message confirming the transfer of cash.

Alai claimed the cash was a token after he’d helped Ogolla “connect the dots”.

“But Steve Ogolla is a gentleman,” wrote Alai, who hardly praises anyone on his popular platforms.


“He will get a good woman. Steve has just sent me Sh50,000 without me asking to appreciate me helping him the connect the dots. Some people will never appreciate it when helped. I never asked but he thought of appreciating.”

Alai’s declaration comes a day after Ogolla claimed that he spent Sh500,000 to ‘appreciate’ and even plan for a wedding with a woman he had never physically met.

Ogolla reportedly communicated with the mysterious woman who owns a Facebook account by the name Dorcas Sarkozy, exclusively on the social media platform.

“That’s an old story from May/June 2018. It was picked from my comment on a friend’s Facebook post yesterday (Saturday) when I recollected a past experience of online extortion. Thanks for the concern,” confirmed Ogolla, also a political analyst.

Alai has suggested that Sarkozy could be a man.