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Lawyer wants court to declare Sonko unfit to rule

By MAUREEN KAKAH December 5th, 2018 2 min read

A lawyer has gone to court seeking to have Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko declared unfit to hold public office.

Mr Boniface Nyamu has sued the governor, claiming that he has engaged in various acts of gross misconduct hence a let down to the people of Nairobi.

He has also listed several  instances in which the governor acted inconsistently with the Leadership & Integrity Act.

He cited a tree planting exercise at Moi Forces Academy in which the governor allegedly used demeaning words to the Environment Cabinet Secretary in the presence of the President.


He also cited an incident in which goons were caught on camera disrupting a press conference, attacking, robbing and harassing former chairman of Nairobi business community Timothy Muriuki. The goons were later linked to the governor.

According to Mr Nyamu, unless the court intervenes, Mr Sonko will continue to make decisions to the detriment of residents of Nairobi.

“Pending the hearing and determination of this case, the court should grant a temporary order restraining the governor, himself, his agents or servants from transacting any business on behalf of the county government of Nairobi as he is not only fit to hold office but has also violated the constitution,” said Mr Nyamu.

In his filed case documents, the lawyer claimed that Mr Sonko was elected based on promises on his manifesto, some of which were to be implemented within his first 100 days into office.

Among the promises, he said, include improved security, access to water, better transport and traffic management, proper as well as organized garbage collection.


However, Mr Nyamu argued that soon after election, the governor has reneged all his promises and now appears to be totally clueless on what is happening to the city.

He alleged that Kenya’s capital is now in a deplorable condition despite its status as the most prestigious in East and Central Africa.

He also alleged that what was once referred to as the Green City in the Sun has now been reduced into a shadow of its former self with heaps of garbage lying all over, with an awful stinking odour emanating from every corner.

He accused Sonko of failing to take any deliberate steps to ease traffic congestion within the city and has neglected major as well as important city roads which are in very poor state.

He also accused the governor on not doing anything to help tap heavy rains into houses since most residents still depending on buying water in jericans.

He claimed that drainage systems remain unclogged, some streets remain without light among other things.

“The court should declare that he has engaged in different acts of gross misconduct that is insulting to the people of Nairobi and is therefore unfit to hold any public office paving way for fresh gubernatorial election,” said Mr Nyamu.