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Lawyer wants Jesus’ case over quickly

Jesus of Nazareth, saviour of mankind according to Christians, has found a rare friendship in a Nairobi-based lawyer.

NairobiNews has been talking to lawyer Dola Indidis aged 56.

So what are you concerned about?

First, the judge had pronounced the innocence of the accused person when he said, ‘I cannot see anything wrong with this man’ and the only option was to acquit him.

Secondly, the Judge was in serious breach of conduct when he consulted the accusers asking them what they wanted him to do with Jesus.

Third, the judge had no jurisdiction and he confessed so.

Fourth, the accused was not given an opportunity to defend himself from the accusations leveled against him and in this I hold that there was no fair trial.

Some people say Jesus was born to die and indeed he died as a fulfilment of the scriptures, what is your take on that?

I don’t refuse he was supposed to die but it is the process I am concerned about, it was not legally executed.

This sets a bad precedence in law.

What then was the ideal death for Christ?

The judge legalised an illegality, which was wrong.

It would have been better if Jesus died like his disciple Stephen who was stoned to death in a process where there was no court proceeding.

Jesus should probably have been killed in that manner so that it is clear it was an act of mob justice by say, non-believers but not through a wrong judicial process where judges have taken oath to uphold the law.

What is your wish about this case? 

I hope to get justice for Jesus even though he is no longer here with us and I am optimistic this case will be heard and determined within my life time.

I take this initiative as a prayer but also as a service to God.