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Lawyer wants parliament converted into a brothel

By EDDY KAGERA September 21st, 2018 1 min read

Nairobi lawyer Donald B Kipkorir now wants Parliament buildings to be converted into a brothel.

Kipkorir made the call yesterday evening after an acrimonious day in parliament that saw MPs endorse a memorandum from President Kenyatta, which introduces higher taxes on goods.

“Today, our Parliament was desecrated. Before our eyes, rigging was lowered to the gutters. We are all in support of the Handshake & Big4 Agenda .. But support isn’t taking leave of basic intelligence .. Our Parliament is beyond redemption .. Convert the Building to a Brothel,” said Kipkorir on Twitter.

The session to debate the president’s memo on the Finance Bill 2018 was marred by claims of rigging after “nays” sounded louder but the session chair said the “ayes have it”.

It is also claimed that the number of voters was more than the 349 MPs in the National Assembly.

On Thursday, MPs voted to pass a memorandum that increases taxes on various goods including fuel, kerosene, mobile money, data bundles and phone calls.

A few MPs opposed the memo but were overwhelmed by their counterparts.