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Why lawyers are unhappy with Cliff Ombeta

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta, representing three police officers linked to the murder of an advocate and two other persons, on Monday found himself in the middle of a storm as he tried to balance his duty against pressure from his colleagues.

Lawyers for the Law Society of Kenya, which is a party in the case, criticised Mr Ombeta for defending the suspects when the case was about the murder of a fellow advocate.

“The impunity surrounding this matter is of high proportions and of national importance. It takes a much more serious dimension when law enforcers abduct a person, murder and dump the body in a sack. This could happen to anyone, including lawyer Ombeta himself,” said Mr Ochieng Oduol.

However, Mr Ombeta, who also wore a ribbon in solidarity with his colleagues, said the law requires that every person facing a murder charge be provided with a lawyer.

His Twitter handle was full of queries as to why he chose to defend the officers.