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Lazy students with unfinished holiday assignments locked out of school

A section of students at Kabianga High School were on Monday made to sit outside their school gate to finish their holiday assignments before being admitted for their third term.

A photo of the nearly 100 boys seated on grass while writing on books atop their laps elicited mixed reactions among members of public. The school is in Kericho county.

Principal Joash Aloo said the punishment was meant to instill academic discipline to the few boys who failed to conclude their assignments despite an agreement struck with parents on August 2, 2018.

“We had an Annual General Meeting on August 2 in which parents asked us to find a way to make the students study during holidays. We then agreed to be giving them assignments so that parents will supervise,” Dr Aloo told Nation on phone.

He said the assignments were be undertaken for three hours daily for three weeks during the holidays.

Out of the school’s 1,530 students, only 100 failed to finish the holiday assignments, prompting the teachers to lock them out.

“Kabianga was once an academic giant and all stakeholders are determined to take it up the chart. The agreement we had about vocational studies during AGM is one of it, that is why parents and the boys are not complaining about this punishment,” said Mr Aloo.

He said that the students were later allowed into the school after finishing their assignment.