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Leaked online chat reveals how private hospitals have been exploiting patients

Private health facilities are on spot yet again following a public uproar over how they have made healthcare a money-minting enterprise.

A leaked conversation on Twitter by a user with the @Owaahh shows hospital bosses set daily targets for the number of patients who should be admitted.

With these targets, doctors will admit patients who do not necessarily require to be admitted.

The conversation seems to be between medics at Nairobi Women’s Hospital Nakuru branch.

According to a Twitter thread, patients gave detailed accounts of over-billing, unnecessary procedures and admissions.

The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council on Wednesday said it was investigating complaints on social media about over-billing.

It further urged affected members of the public to file complaints.

During an interview with NTV, Dr Daniel Yumbya, the CEO, Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board said he has written a letter to Nairobi Women Hospital, giving them three days to give a report of the accusations to the council.

“People are saying they have been told to go out and look for more patients – detain these patients. That is something we need to investigate. As soon as the hospital responds, I’m double sure the council will make a decision of visiting and evaluating beginning a particular period,” Dr Yumbya told NTV.

He also urged the public to give them a case they can investigate.

The Nairobi Women’s Hospital Nakuru branch did not respond to queries from NTV and instead directed them to the headquarters in Nairobi.