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White and gold: Leaked photo from Zari and Shakib Cham’s wedding

South African socialite Zari Hassan has walked down the aisle.

An alleged photo from socialite Zari and Shakib Cham’s wedding has surfaced online.

The unverified photo shared by BigEye Uganda captures the socialite donning a radiant gold ensemble, necklace and crown, beaming with joy.

Zari diverged from the conventional white, ivory, or peach wedding gowns and instead embraced gold.

This selection stands out as the most opulent of bridal hues, symbolizing affluence and influence while also exuding confidence and self-assuredness.

A gold-coloured wedding gown provides ego-boosting confidence for the bride, who knows who she is and is not afraid to show it off.

Leaked photo of Zari’s first ever white wedding. PHOTO| COURTESY

The couple had initially set October 3 as their wedding day and had announced plans for a private celebration.

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Zari chose not to disclose any details about the event, instead, she has only shared her brother’s graduation on social media.

Her children, Tiffah and Nilan, were in attendance at the ceremony, but Zari herself was absent from the Tuesday, October 3, graduation.

She expressed her pride in her brother with words of praise, saying, “So proud of you, baby bro.”

Her brother responded with gratitude, saying, “Alhamdulillah.”

Details of their wedding surfaced online, raising excitement among fans.

The leaked wedding card revealed the wedding date and location, which is set to be in South Africa.

Shakib then introduced his biological mother to the public for the first time.

Shakib is Zari’s first official husband.

She was engaged to Ivan Sswemwanga and Diamond Platnumz, but they never made it official.

Shakib, born in Kampala, Uganda, in December 1992, later relocated to South Africa, where he built his career. Details about his family, personal history, and background have remained largely undisclosed.

Zari, on the other hand, hails from Uganda and was born in the town of Jinja to Ugandan parents Nasur and Halima Hassan.

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Her unique heritage includes an Indian maternal grandfather and Ugandan grandmother, which may explain her distinctive fair complexion.

The love story between Zari and Shakib unfolded in South Africa, where they met several years ago. The couple then tied the knot in a private Nikah ceremony in Pretoria, South Africa, on April 16.

They shared photos and videos from their Islamic wedding on Snapchat, and some of Zari’s close relatives were in attendance to witness the joyous occasion.

Dressed in traditional Islamic attire, the couple exchanged rings, and the images of their rings were shared on social media.

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