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Leaked: WhatsApp group where Size 8 cancelled appointment with ‘gay’ stylist

By Winnie Mabel December 16th, 2022 3 min read

John Mungai, popularly known as Jony Hairdesigner to his social media followers and clients, has spilled more beans over claims that gospel singer Linet Munyali aka Size 8 Reborn, cancelled an appointment with him for allegedly being gay after initially booking an appointment for his makeup and hair styling services.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News on Friday, Jony said the decision to cancel his appointment was made in a WhatsApp group of several Kenyan gospel artistes who were planning a photoshoot.

He said all this happened despite the fact that he has worked with Size 8 for years and did not know why she suddenly shunned him this time around. Jony also claimed other Kenyan gospel artistes shunned him in this same incident.

“Size 8 and I worked together some years ago, I think in 2020 and later on in 2021. She had come for a show at K24 and I was styling there. So I styled her hair and we took selfies and videos together and everything was good. Then we met again last year at a certain function. I was doing her makeup, I styled her and everything was good so when this time around I was told I was going to style them, I was easy because I’ve worked with her before,” said Jony.

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The hairstylist said he had been booked to style gospel singers Size 8, Lady Bee and Betty Bayo; podcaster Priscillah Ndanu and three other ladies whom he did not name.

Jony also said he believed he had been booked to style them ahead of a YouTube show the ladies intended to start and he was to prepare them for a photoshoot for a billboard to advertise the show.

“Prior to the appointment, they booked me like one week ago. I cancelled all my appointments and I was ready for them. The day before the shoot (December 14, 2022), Ndanu asked for my Instagram handle through their handler and I gave them my link. So Ndanu looked at my page which had been sent on the group they are all in then she went like ‘ah, you know this is a gospel show, we cannot work with a gay guy because of the controversies he will bring, he will raise alarms, so let’s just cancel’,” Jony narrated.

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Jony explained that Ndanu was the one who began the conversation of cancelling their appointments with him and Size 8 kept confirming everything Ndanu was saying because he is gay despite working with him before.

“I wondered why she would say something like that yet we’ve worked together before. I was a little bit shocked and wondered where that was coming from. I did not talk to Size 8 after these conversations but we met on the day they were to do the photoshoot. I share a space with the photographer – it’s my studio, my space – so we were bound to run into each other. She was like ‘let’s talk about it, everything is ok, don’t take it like that, you know…’ and I was like there was nothing to talk about and we should just leave things alone,” Jony said.

Jony further clarified that he is not gay but was reluctant to clarify whether he was a member of the queer community considering he is male but enjoys dressing up as female from head to toe.

“To Size 8 and her friends, they should just be themselves, stop being hypocritical and just accept the world as it is. To the commenters who are hitting out at me and my lifestyle using religion and the Bible, I don’t understand where they are coming from because they are not providing any proof. They don’t have any back up scripture that says what I am doing is wrong. What is their standing ground? If you are coming for me and you are justifying your comments, you should have evidence, you should have receipts that back up your comment. I just don’t reply to such comments because they are projecting their insecurities,” said Jony.

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