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Learn to keep your word Mr Governor

February 28th, 2014 2 min read

One of the big announcements by Governor Evans Kidero this year was that to ensure orderly traffic management lights and marshals would exclusively run the show in the city.

March 1 was the D-day.

Yet all of a sudden the plan has been shelved indefinitely.

What happened? The reason given shows poor planning. When the announcement was made was there not a feasibility study to show the programme could be roiled on March 1?

The recent auditor’s report has revealed a lot of irregularities in the running of both the defunct city council of Nairobi and the current Kidero administration.

Millions of shillings cannot be accounted for, various vehicles are missing and drugs meant for residents have been diverted into private hands. It is even said that the county government cannot account for the value of its assets with its prime lands within the city missing land registration numbers.

It is indeed a sad state of affairs.

On traffic management, millions have been spent on an integrated system that involves the upgrade of the lights, the installation of cameras and the introduction of the marshals. None has helped.

The city still witnesses massive traffic problems, the lights are not working in some areas and the fate of the marshals remains unknown as the police are still firmly in control in the city.

To most people, City Hall is synonymous with corruption, nepotism, ghost workers, cartels and all other ills that affect the county. This has not changed much especially with the public perception of the county’s affairs and from the findings of the audit report.

Dr Kidero has to ensure the county becomes at least efficient. The auditor general’s report has made recommendations that the county should get back on track and it is every Nairobian’s hope that the next report will show the county has put its house in order.

It is high time the county government improved record management, revenue collection, procurement and financial systems to ensure accountability and professionalism.

Nairobians must benefit from the devolution process.

It is time Dr Kidero that you cracked the whip and delivered.

Say what you mean — and mean what you say.