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Lee Njiru: Moi was more than 95 years old when he died

By Amina Wako February 4th, 2020 1 min read

Lee Njiru, the late Mzee Daniel Arap Moi’s long-serving press secretary, has revealed that the late president was older than 95 years when he died.

According Njiru, Moi died aged between 102 and 103 years.

“Mzee was not 96 years old as many of you believe. Mzee Moi is 101, 102, 103 years. Between 102 and 103 years,” Njiru said.

He also revealed that on several occasions, Moi had asked him not to refer to his ID as it was misleading.

“I will confirm this to you, Mzee had told me not to look at his ID card, I want to correct you, Moi was between 102 and 103-years-old not 95-years-old like everyone is saying,” he said.

Njiru also said that a few days ago he had a premonition of the Moi’s death.

“Mwili yangu ilikuwa imekata kufanya kitu, nilishindwa kuandika. It was kind of paralysis. Nilishindwa kufanya chochote,” he said.

Njiru also recounted how over the years Moi took care of him, not as an employee, but as a family member.