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Lenana Kariba: My wife goes through scripts before I shoot anything

Renowned actor Lenana Kariba has stepped back into the limelight with the much-anticipated return of the hit series “Single Kiasi,” now entering its third season.

In a joint interview with lifestyle journalists, Kariba offered a glimpse into his role and personal approach to navigating intimate scenes on-screen.

Kariba, known for his captivating performances, particularly in the role of Nick on Showmax’s “Single Kiasi,” shared his excitement about reprising his character after a hiatus since the first season.

Playing the celebrity who entangles himself in Rebecca’s (Faith Kibathi) life, Kariba expressed joy in delving deeper into Nick’s complexities this season.

“It’s great to be back, of course. I’ve had so much fun shooting Season 3, and I feel like we’ve been able to develop the character and show more of Nick than what we got in Season 1,” Kariba remarked.

Addressing queries about handling bedroom scenes despite his marital status, Kariba talked about the behind-the-scenes choreography and emphasised the professionalism required in such settings.

“Honestly, the scenes are not even the hardest ones to do. It’s all choreographed by the directors as they have a vision for exactly how they want it to come out. The actor’s job is just to bring the emotions to make it look real. There is nothing s*xy about having three cameras and multiple people watching you act out the scenes,” Kariba explained.

Kariba also credited his wife, Hellen, for her support throughout his career, revealing that they review scripts together and plan to indulge in “Single Kiasi” as a weekly ritual.

“My wife and I always go through scripts together before I shoot anything. I’ve said it before: she really is the most understanding person when it comes to my job. She supports my career 100% in the same way I support hers, and she’s all about Nick and the things he does. We definitely watch Single Kiasi together, and now it’s our weekly plan again as the new episodes drop,” Kariba shared.

Offering advice on fostering on-screen chemistry, especially in romantic settings, Kariba emphasized the importance of vulnerability and openness.

“There is no secret I can give other than in romantic scenes you just need to be completely vulnerable in front of the camera. The person you’re working with has to do the same in order to make it successful. Being an actor requires you to be very open to anything a script might throw at you, so it’s not for those that are shy or easily embarrassed,” Kariba concluded.

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