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Lesbian singer Noti Flow buys girlfriend new car

Kenyan songbird Noti Flow has taken birthday gifts to another level.

This is after she celebrated her own birthday by gifting her girlfriend a brand new car.

The singer planned a big surprise for her girlfriend, King Alami whom she blind folded before revealing right before her, a car.

This, however, does not come as a surprise to many of the singer’s fans as just a month ago Noti Flow, whose real name is Natalie Florence Kutoto revealed that she spends half a million every week.

The foto moto hitmaker made the revelation after she allegedly turned down advances from a man who wanted to have a piece of her at a cost of Sh200, 000.

In the private chats shared online, Noti described the money offered as ‘petty change’ that can’t even impress her.

“Such men make me sick, always in my DM thinking they can buy me with peanuts. A guy earning $150 per week think he gat the balls to DM me and talk shit… I spend over $4500 per week, that on a lazy week. Usually I spend $10, 000 per week if I’m going out. Calm yourself down and get yourself checked,” Noti Flow remarked.

The female rapper went on to state that she is happy in her relationship with girlfriend, King Alami and she is not interested in anyone else.

Noti officially came out as lesbian on May 31 2021 and announced that she was dating King Alami, who had even gotten a tattoo of Noti’s name.

Not long after, the singer sparked breakup rumours when she deleted photos with her girlfriend from her social media pages.

Their break up was confirmed after Noti Flow shared that they separated on grounds that her girlfriend was abusive. However, King Alami took it to her social media a while after to apologize to the singer saying that she was sorry for physically and emotionally hurting her girlfriend. They’ve been back together ever since.