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Lessons Kenyan gospel artistes should take from Sinach’s performance – VIDEO

By BONIFACE NYAGA November 28th, 2016 2 min read

You have probably heard a local artiste complain about how Kenyans don’t pay for music, that they don’t go for concerts and won’t invest in good music.

That theory was completely disproved at the Sinach concert on Saturday at CITAM Karen. To put the show in perspective, it had a gate charge of Sh2,000 at a hall with a sitting capacity of about 3,000-5,000.

The place was packed all the way to the roof with an enthusiastic crowd that had the time of their life. There was literally no space to fit even a needle with late comers having to squeeze themselves wherever they found space.

Parking space was non-existence; concert goers had to park a long way off and walk in the rain and mud to access the venue. The event was graced by many dignitaries that including Deputy President William Ruto’s wife Mrs Rachel Ruto.

The show began with the groove band, which gave some interesting renditions of local praise songs, followed in quick succession by  Gaurdian Angel, Pitson and Emmy Kosgei.


Evelyn Wanjiru was definitely the surprise of the night. The Mungu Mkuu singer proved herself on the mega stage. In an age of studio artiste who can’t hold a decent live show Evelyn was up there with all the rest.

When the star of the night took the stage, the place was uncontrollable. The audience knew her songs word for word and she urged them on as they sang along.

Sinach performed for a solid hour or two, backed by a full band that was totally on point. To tell you the truth, no one really noticed the time, and the watches were up in the air anyway, as people raised their hands in worship or to record the proceedings on their phones.

The moral of the story is very simple: make good music, leave the mellow drama to the socialites then charge whatever you want and Kenyans will pay to watch you.