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Let merry season bring cheer not tears

December 18th, 2013 2 min read

For most Nairobians it is now deep into the festive season after a year of hard toil and political distractions.

And who are we to begrudge everyone the ‘feel good’ factor after they endured a nerve-racking electioneering period, terror attacks, accidents and inflation?

Nevertheless, we need to urge caution here. In the past few years, Kenya has turned into a country of hard drinkers, driven both by rising income levels and desperation in almost equal measure.

That is why John Mututho, the feisty Nacada boss, has become the scourge of a good section of the population.

Indeed, both bar owners, alcohol companies, and distributors are all agreed that Mr Mututho, a teetotaller, is the wrong man for the job. The truth is that they wished the job did not exist.

But it is not hard to coexist with the law. What Mr Mututho is advocating is right—if you remove the fact that his body language is more like that of a colonial-time headmaster, falling short of advocating caning of drunks.

He is correct when he urges moderation in taking alcohol. It is for everyone’s good that discipline prevails in the season.

The family unit for one cannot withstand recklessness. A family head must necessarily provide before indulging.

After all, what fun would you have while the other members of the family are living in misery? Isn’t the season of goodwill about spreading cheer?

Again if you maim or kill in the period which will come to an end shortly anyway, what pleasure does your carelessness yield?

It is important to keep at the back of our minds that in a few days to come, we will be shouldering heavy burdens including paying school fees, rent and other bills.

For the young people, we urge you not to be carried away by a few days, which might define your future if you are not careful.

And if the money you are enjoying is from a dependent, think about it as your future if you can save it. You might not be able to be a dependent forever.

For what will you gain to be the last man standing in a beer drinking competition only to fall in a road accident minutes later?

Let’s all take it easy, be merry and come out of it happier than teary-eyed.