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LGBTQ activist Makena Njeri changes her name to Chris Muriithi

LGBTQ Makena Njeri has made a bold step in making some changes to her Instagram bio. The Bold Network CEO in a bid to stamp her stand on her sexuality has changed her name from Makena Njeri to Chris Muriithi. This does not come as a shock to her fans as she has always been assertive about her sexual orientation.

Case in point, just a few months ago, the renowned journalist revealed that she likes it when her partners call her ‘daddy’.

The activist had an interesting Q&A session spoke about her about personal life, including having a child and starting a family of her own.

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The boldly opinionated journalist said she is comprised of masculine energy even if she claims she does not identify as a man. She finds it completely normal to shop in the men’s section, without fear of stigmatization.

The LGBTQ activist said that despite having female DNA and a female body, she enjoys it when her girlfriend gives her male pet names.

When one fan who asked “What pet names do y’all prefer? feminine or masculine?” Makena responded with: “Dzadddy energy.”

The former actress, while responding to another curious fan, said it is indeed a possibility for her to carry a pregnancy to term.

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“Would you as a stud handle a pregnancy? Having settled with a girl and you are to start a family?” the fans asked.

To this Makena responded, “Remember I want to have a family so when the right comes I will definitely be able to handle this.”

Makena’s response to pregnancy matters attracted mixed reactions online.

Among other things, Makena is famed for having dated Marini Naturals CEO Mitchelle Ntalami before their tumultuous breakup with Mitchelle accusing Makena of being a serial cheater. 

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