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LGBTQ debate: What Kenyan leaders said

By Wangu Kanuri January 12th, 2023 2 min read

The death of Edwin Chiloba, an LGBTQ activist, has led to discussions over same-sex relationships.

Chiloba’s body was found stuffed in a metallic box in Kipkenyo, Eldoret, on Wednesday, January 4, 2023, as eyewitnesses reported seeing unknown assailants drop off the metallic box by the roadside before speeding off.

What are Kenyans saying?

President William Ruto – In an interview with CNN days after assuming office, the Head of State suggested that Kenyans ain’t keen on embracing LGBTQ.

He said: “I am very clear that we respect everybody and what they believe in, but we also have what we believe in and we expect to be respected for what we believe in.”

Ruto added: “We do not want to create a mountain out of a molehill…When it becomes an big issue for the people of Kenya, the people of Kenya will make a choice.”

Oscar Sudi – The outspoken Kapseret lawmaker has condemned same-sex relationships, describing it as ‘evil’ and suggesting it goes against African cultural norms.

Sudi is a resident of Eldoret, where Chiloba lived and met his death,

“As leaders, we are strongly condemning such a lifestyle. If you want to engage in a such evil thing, please do it elsewhere. . .I was surprised that these gay rights activists are not condemning the murder but because the deceased was gay.”

“Everyone should listen to me; our good Kalenjin culture abhors such evil culture. Our Kalenjin culture talks about children going to school, then getting married and having children and your children will do the same and also have children.”

Mohammed Ali – The Nyali MP has asked Kenyans not to ‘waste’ time discussing LGBTQ and suggested those practicing it belong to jail.

“Let us not waste time discussing LQBTQ or whatever name they call it,” he said. “We should not entertain it. On this one, democracy my foot! Jail them.”

Boni Khalwale – The Kakamega Senator while wading on the ongoing controversial death of Chiloba warned the United States of America (USA) to keep off the issue. This was after the United States Department of State spokesman Ned Price called for investigations saying that President Joe Biden’s administration would help in investigations.

“Ultimately, the ultimate act of intolerance has no place in free and open societies. We made the point last week that we urge and expect the Kenyans to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into his death. And of course, if there’s anything we can do to assist, we stand ready to do that,” he said.

In a tweet, Khalwale said that the Western world was wrongly influencing African youth to pick up peculiar habits. “If African governments are looking for who is destroying the long-respected African social fabric amongst our youth, look no further. The USA, keep off our children. Please,” he wrote.

Mishi Mboko – The Likoni lawmaker also chipped in on the discussion and strongly blasted the LGBTQ movement. “LGBTQ should not be entertained in our country anymore,” she tweeted.

Not a single lawmaker has associated with this community.

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