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GABON DIARY: In Libreville sex pills sell like hot cakes

Unlike in Kenya, ‘Guarana’ is not an alcohol brand in Libreville; in its stead, is a popular sexual enhancement pill which very popular with men.

Somehow, and for whatever reason, residents of Libreville seem to have taken to consuming sexual pills here at probably alarming rates.

Young and old, men and women, all seem addicted to the pill.

Within the CBD and in surburbs, the pills are sold over the counter in chemists and ordinary shops.

During one particular visit to a chemist around Tsenguette area the other day, I noticed a long queue of people purchasing the pill over the counter, without a care in the world.


Other selected brands of sex pills bear the names TysonSpecial, Gentleman, RiskTakers, and Journeyman.

The pills go for as little as Sh200, but there are also those that retail for as much as Sh5,000 for a single “dose”.

I’m yet to establish why there is so much interest in these supplements here.

Curiously however, this is a country almost half the size of Kenya, but with a population of just below 2 million; almost twenty times less Kenya’s. Could there be an urge for population increase?