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Life after a proposal: Prezzo’s fiancée Azeezah says fame has cost her love

Fame can be a blessing, but it can also come with a heavy price. This is a reality that Azeezah Hashim, a California-born radio presenter, and NTV Teen Republic host, knows too well.

Since becoming famous, relationships have been a nightmare for her. She has lost friends, had family issues, and even experienced cyberbullying.

However, it seems that veteran rapper CMB Prezzo has captured her heart. Prezzo proposed to Azeezah on Valentine’s Day, live on air. And to the surprise of many, Azeezah said yes.

Azeezah Hashim with veteran rapper CMB Prezzo. PHOTO| COURTESY

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Opening up to Nairobi News, Azeezah, who is known for her deep baritone voice, says relationships have been a nightmare to her ever since she became famous.

“Fame has cost me a lot of friendships and at times pickles with family because of what blogs sometime put out. It has also costed me a couple of love relationships and this is because of the stereotypes that come with women being in the entertainment industry,” she said.

However, Prezzo, who has lived under the fame umbrella for two decades, understands what she is going through.

The two love birds had managed to keep their relationship under wraps until February, when they made it official. But even then, they have shied away from discussing their relationship publicly.

Prezzo, known for his bad-boy image, has proposed to several other women in the past. After his marriage to Daisy Kiplagat collapsed in 2012, he flew to Nigeria to propose to the late Goldie.

The two met during the BBA All-Star edition, which Prezzo finished as first runners-up. He also proposed to his then-socialite girlfriend, Michelle Yola, in front of cameras in 2016.

“It’s a diamond and yellow gold ring. My girl hates white gold because it looks like silver. I bought it from Kennedy Jewellers at Laico Regency,” boasted Prezzo then.

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The two went on to tattoo each other’s names on their hands, only to split a few months later.

For Azeezah, who describes the Nairobi dating scene as “ngori,” it seems that Prezzo has managed to sweep her off her feet.

“Last year was my lowest moment. I went through cyberbullying that led me to lose myself and eventually fall into depression. But I’m at a good place now,” Azeezah adds.

It’s probably because he understands the way to her heart – food and money. But on a serious note, Prezzo has been a pillar of support for Azeezah, especially during her lowest moments.

She says she is now in a good place, and her relationship with Prezzo has been a source of happiness.

It’s unclear whether the couple will end up walking down the aisle, but it will be Prezzo’s second wedding if they do.

What’s clear is that they are in love and taking things one day at a time. Maybe Prezzo has finally found his forever after.

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