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How life changed after I got married and pregnant

I would wake up early in the morning and make a sumptuous breakfast for my love to have energy and vitality throughout the day.

I would carefully follow recipes that I had earlier bookmarked and perhaps printed out to make every meal served in my house a culinary adventure. Not the usual ugali sukuma or rice and beans.

My fridge would be stocked with all ingredients needed for even the most exotic meal and my spice rack would never want.

Not only would my hubby have a mouthwatering breakfast each morning, but he would also carry something little to work to keep him away from the kibanda.

My husband’s clothes would always be neatly organized, pressed or folded in the wardrobe and the cases of missing socks would never be an issue in our home.

Never would my man walk out of the house looking unkempt. I would ensure that I am up before him to make sure that all is well before he leaves the house.

I would never sleep without making sure that the house is organized for the following day.


Dirty dishes would not stay in the sink for more than an hour after the meal is done and clean laundry would be put away promptly.

Any sign of dust or dirt would be eliminated immediately and the rags and dusters would be kept in pristine condition.

My hair would always be fixed and my wardrobe would remain trendy. I would keep up my daily beauty regimen but remain discreet about it lest I scared the poor man with my clay mask on.

Apart from my immaculate wardrobe, I would also invest in interesting pieces for his eyes only. I would have a variety of lingerie to pick out from depending on my mood, and his.

I knew that even when I got pregnant I would remain fabulous and not let my new condition interfere with my well made plans.

And he would be a darling, an angel from above. He would take me out on dates every week and we would still be in love like in the early days.

He would help out in the house; we would make meals together, laughing in the kitchen and even clean up together. Everything would be a joint effort.

All this I knew, was very sure and confident that I would hack. That was before I got married and pregnant and the realities of life had sunk in.


I endeavoured to make my man breakfast every morning before he left for work, but got disheartened when on many days the plate would go untouched. Some days, he does mix and match socks because their partners eloped to unknown parts of our house.

Our crib isn’t even that big and I have eliminated the possibility of rats having taken them, so where are they and how did they get there?

The spice rack is still full, thanks to my newly found pregnancy related heartburn. And a menu I had created was used for one week, tops.

The ingredients in my fridge are neither exotic nor those one looked forward to.

My beauty regimen involves layers upon layers of cocoa butter to discourage stretch marks from appearing and my considerable lingerie collection might as well be on display at a shop – it no longer fits.

The help I get is not in the kitchen. It comes in the form of foot rubs and bending down to help me put on my shoes; basically things to do with a lot of bending and getting things for me from hard to reach places.

As  much as my life did not turn out how I expected it to, I wouldn’t change a thing.