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Life in Githurai 45 since ‘crime-buster’ Katitu was jailed

Kenyans are known for the hate they have towards trigger-happy police officers. But for Titus Kimani famously known as Katitu, the story is different.

For starters, Katitu is a former police officer who changed the Githurai 45 bus terminus, which had been known to be a haven for criminals activities to a secure place.

But he is currently serving a 15-year jail term after being found guilty of murder of Kenneth Kimani at Githurai bus stage on March 14, 2013.

Katitu’s arrest in 2014 sparked protests, demonstrations and running battles between residents and law enforcers in Githurai 45 as the locals demanded his release, saying he had helped to reduce crime in Githurai 45, Zimmerman and Githurai Kimbo.

This week, Nairobi News visited Githurai 45 and residents who spoke to us said that since his arrest four years ago, things had taken a turn for the worse.

Ms Hannah Wambui who sells boiled eggs at the terminus said that a day cannot end without somebody having their handbag or phone snatched.

“You have to be extremely careful while here otherwise you might end up being a victim of theft,” she said.


Ms Wambui, while comparing the situation when Katitu roamed the area and now, jail says many things are going wrong.

According to her, the officer was always a phone call away and would “swing into action” even if he was alone.

James Orero, who lost his phone early this week, said that he was in a bus when someone snatched it and fled.

“I watched helplessly as the boy disappeared into the crowd from where I was seated,” he said.

Mr Orero, who has lived in Githurai for 20 years, said that such incidents were unheard of when Katitu was in charge.

He said that the habit of young boys moving in groups, which had been discouraged by Katitu, was now the norm.

A spot check by Nairobi News revealed how many youths huddled in groups in various points within Githurai 45.


From inside small kiosks within Githurai 45 market to idling on the railway and Githurai 44 matatu termini, the list is endless.

According to Isaac Kamau, during the days Katitu was in charge, such groups did not exist.

“We are now wondering who will come to our rescue because at times they steal in broad daylight as we watch,” he said.

According to Mr Kamau, residents are too terrified to intervened whenever the thugs attack a person.

“If they recognise you, then be sure that you will be in for it. They are very ruthless,” he said.

He said that there was widespread fear that the infamous Gaza gang that has its base in Kayole now has its roots in Githurai.

“I am always thinking that it is good to be in good books with them than the police because they seem to be running the town,” he said.