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Lilian Muli celebrates one baby daddy, ignores the other on Father’s Day

Media personality Lilian Muli took to her Instagram page to express her heartfelt appreciation for her second baby daddy, Jared Ombongi.

In a heartwarming message shared on Father’s Day, Muli acknowledged Ombongi as a good man and an exceptional father, emphasizing his presence in their children’s lives.

“Happy Fathers’ Day to this good man. You are loved by us. I celebrate you today for being a good man and an even better father,” Muli wrote, accompanied by a series of candid family photos.

The TV girl and Nairobi businessman have had a romantic relationship which at times turned lukewarm, like on the day she referred to him as a ‘community husband’.

Lilian Muli, who was previously married to her first husband Moses Kanene and shares a son with him, moved on to a relationship with Jared Ombongi.

Muli’s marriage to Kanene also ended in drama via divorce, forcing her to drop his name from her title when introducing herself or signing off on TV.

The couple welcomed another son together before their highly publicized and bitter fallout.

Despite their personal struggles, Muli’s recent message highlights the importance of recognizing Ombongi’s positive impact on their children’s lives.

During her appearance on Season 1 of “Kyallo Kulture,” Lilian Muli opened up about the challenges she faces in co-parenting with both of her baby daddies.

She spoke candidly about how some men tend to neglect their parental responsibilities when their relationship with the mother becomes strained.

“Children suffer the most in this situation,” Muli shared. “There is a tendency of men to renege on their responsibilities if they are not sharing a bed with you or if they are not on good terms. The child ultimately is the one who suffers.”

Despite the difficulties, Muli made it clear that she does not intend to pursue legal action for child support.

“I am not taking anybody to court for these things, by the way. I am like, if you want to sign a date with karma, you do it,” she stated.

“I won’t make you do something you already know you should be doing. If you’re out purchasing slay queens champagne, go ahead.” Lilian Muli emphasized that she would never force anyone to care for their children if they were unwilling.

Muli also confessed to her friend and fellow media personality Betty Kyallo that having two baby daddies can be messy and takes a longer time to heal from a breakup.

She shared her personal coping mechanisms, including indulging in love songs, taking long drives, and enjoying ice cream as a way to grieve and move forward.

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