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Lillian Muli discloses her co-parenting challenges

Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli has disclosed her co-parenting struggles with her two baby daddies. The mother of two, made the revelation when she was featured in the reality show ‘Kyallo Culture’.

Lillian has a son with her ex-husband Moses Kanene and another son with Shabana FC owner Jared Ombongi, whom she briefly dated after her divorce.

The gorgeous TV personality, however, said that she would never take anyone to court for child support, adding that she lets them face the subsequent consequences of their actions.

“I am not taking anybody to court for these things, by the way. I am like, if you want to sign a date with karma, you do it,” she said.

“I won’t make you do something you already know you should be doing. If you’re out purchasing slay queens champagne, go ahead,” she said emhasizing that she would never make any of them care for their children.

Lillian also confessed to Betty that having two baby daddies is untidy, saying it takes longer to heal from a breakup.

“I grieve and mourn over a relationship breakup. I play love songs, take long drives and eat ice cream,” she said.

She also claimed that some guys avoid their fatherly obligations when their baby mamas decline to go out with them, a situation in which the children suffer the most.

“There is a tendency of men to renege on their responsibilities if they are not sharing a bed with you or if they are not on good terms. The child ultimately is the one who suffers,” she said.

In a past interview, Lillian talked about an ex who used her fame for his personal gains.

“Most of you know him, he would publicly display me out there coz they know what they are getting from that,” she said.

“At first, I thought this person liked being pictured with me in public places because they liked and maybe they were proud of me. But eventually, I found out it was adding to his benefits for one or two reasons.”