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Lilian Ng’ang’a opens up to motherhood, life with Juliani

Lilian Nganga says marriage life with the father of her baby has been ‘nice and easy’.

In an online interview with Nation.Africa, she said: “He is brilliant, intelligent. I’m always learning something from him. He has these amazing ideas, has a great and kind heart.”

Sharing that she’s now freer as compared to her past life, She added: “I’m myself now. I feel so free, like some shackles were cut. I’m living a very authentic life, very simple. It’s my way, I don’t feel like there is something hovering over my head.”

Adding that while she served as Machakos First Lady, she felt confined in some ways but now she was living authentic in the simplest, truest form.

Nganga adds she never had security detail around her on her day-to-day activities.

“I’m not extravagant. I’m very frugal, very grounded.”

On the other hand, the Exponential Potential hit maker born Julius Omboko opined that life with his wife is perfect in some sense.

“It feels nice to be with someone who cares, loves and wants the best for you. Going home to someone or having a reason not to leave home makes the experience complete for me. We are always on our honeymoon even on bad days. There will be personality clashes but we are always on honeymoon as this is someone you want to be with and is not like you were forced to be with her.”

The couple have had their ups and downs since Lilian broke up with Alfred Mutua, who was recently nominated by President William Ruto as the Cabinet Minister for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs.

With Juliani’s response to a troll causing an online frenzy on social media, word on the street was that the two love birds were now ‘dead broke’ but Juliani elaborated that they were okay; broke but not poor.

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