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Lillian Muli defiant in the face of club scuffle accusations

Even after being caught on camera allegedly hurling insults at a waitress at a city restaurant, Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli has remained defiant.

It is still unclear what the specific issue was, but the TV presenter accused the waitress of disrespect and for having “attitude” towards her.

“What the hell… I come over here and you serve me with an attitude… kwani what, I am paying. Get the hell out of my face. I don’t have to come to this place….. This b***h has an attitude… every time I come here you serve me with an attitude. I complain about you, I don’t want you to serve me again, ever!” she can be heard screaming.

The presenter, who is yet to formally shed light on exactly what transpired, however took to social media on Wednesday to wish her followers a good night.

She captioned her post, “Goodnight. One love.”

After being roasted by Kenyans on social media, the news anchor still got some love from a top singer who has come to her defence.

Benga musician Suzanna Owiyo justified Lillian’s reaction in a series of tweets saying that she had every right since “no one is an angel”.

Another person who came to her defence was flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kipkorir who hit out at social media users who had criticised her.

In a Twitter post, Mr Kipkorir, who is a close friend of the TV personality, alluded that those ridiculing the journalist are cyber terrorists.