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Lillian Muli: I don’t mind a tycoon boyfriend

TV journalist Lillian Muli says she doesn’t mind hooking up with a tycoon boyfriend, amid reports she is  dating one.

It comes amid her social media posts showing her living a spicy life, complete with exquisite vacations, driving a flashy car, and sampling sumptuous cuisines.

“People say a lot of things that are not true. It’s unfortunate that when you’re in the social media space, a lot of people who say these things just want to get hits, yet the stories are not true,” she explained in an interview with Jalang’o.

Muli also opened up on how she recently attended a friend’s birthday bash only for some of her social media followers to mistake the event for a vacation with a ‘boyfriend’.

“I’m not trying to defend myself. I went for my friend’s birthday. It was a big birthday. The birthday was lit and fantastic, and then the next day as we were coming back to Nairobi, we went for a brunch party. So we decided to carpool instead of everybody driving there separately,” the presenter maintained.

Nevertheless, she added that she would also want a tycoon boyfriend and it would be a blessing to have one.

“Now how people drew their own conclusions, I don’t know but it’s alright. In fact, I also want a tycoon boyfriend. Who doesn’t want a tycoon boyfriend? Thanks for the blessings. That tycoon boyfriend is coming. Or maybe he’s there but that’s none of your business.”

The presenter also explained the reasons why she is not comfortable making some aspects of her private life, like dating, public.

“I have very good relationships with the people that matter, but the reason I don’t answer questions about whether or not I am dating is that there’s someone who is going to get upset.”

Muli adds that being single mother is something she has learned to live with and has embraced the good and the bad that comes with it. Now divorced and just coming up from another failed relationship with a prominent Nairobi businessman, Muli confessed her undying loves for her two sons while adding she is not planning on having a daughter.

“I grew up with boys. I have two brothers so I have always wanted to have boys,” she said.

“I realized that as a single mum you have to fill in those gaps. I try to balance things with my boys, learn what they like, and do that. Being a single mum is not a tag. The people in my life are present so I don’t tag myself a single mum,” she concluded.