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Lillian Muli caught in storm over ‘inappropriate’ question to KCPE top pupil

By MWENDE KASUJJA November 23rd, 2017 2 min read

Citizen TV’s Lillian Muli snapped at a fan calling him names after he accused her of asking the top KCPE girl about boyfriends in her interview.

Lillian defended herself saying she only asked Goldalyn Kakuya’s mother if she had any boyfriend challenges while raising up a teenager.

She explained that the only reason she posed the question to Goldalyn’s mother was because 14-year-old have crushes and it is the parents who have to monitor them not to digress from school work.

The mother explained that she had promised the girl a phone and she will honor it so long as they agree on its usage.

“I’ve not had any cases of boyfriend. Anytime she takes my phone she usually plays games and anytime she wants to talk to her teachers she would ask for my phone,” the mother said.


Lillian called out the user who insulted her on Instagram for enquiring about the top girl’s discipline and she quickly became personal even dragging his fashion sense into it.

“Men with cheap blue suits lol did you wash and iron your suit instead of drycleaning it bruh?! Don’t be mad at me it ain’t my fault someone hurt you #saynotocyberbullying,” wrote Lillian.

TV girls have for long accused Kenyans online of hiding behind accounts to insult them and in this case, Lillian said she was putting an end to the vice.

“Is you a sissy or nah! Insulting women and hiding behind your private account! Don’t post your poop here. I won’t even block you, clearly you are just a stalker ? Keep watching bruh there’s plenty more to come. Look at your silly self right now talking nonsense here…let me hold my peace but I’ve said it before say anything you want about me but Never insult me! #saynotocyberbullying #saynotokeyboardwarriors #enoughisenough,” she wrote.