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Lionel Messi’s Sh69 billion Barcelona contract

To bring perspective to this story, Rwandan forward Jacques Tuyisenge is said to be the best-paid player ever in the history of the Kenyan Premier League, earning Sh250,000 during his 3-year stint at Gor Mahia which ended in 2018.

Enter Lionel Messi.

This past week, a Spanish paper leaked details of what it claimed was details of the contract between the Argentine forward, considered one of the most talented footballers in the world ever, and FC Barcelona, a club competing in Spain’s top-flight league.

Here are some of the juicy details.

1. Sh69 billion salary – This is the amount Messi will earn just for being a Barcelona player. His job description in that period includes, attending training and playing in matches between 2017 and 2021. He could also be asked to model the club’s kit and attend media duties.

It is the most expensive contract ever in sporting history. Put simply, Messi earns Sh17 billion a year, or Sh1.4 billion a month. That equates to Sh47 million every day, or just about Sh2 million per  hour.

2. Sh14 billion signing on fees – Messi was paid a further Sh14 billion for renewing his contract at the club. To break it down, the club was mindful of the fact that the player would walk away for nothing and thus had to reward him.

3. Sh9.6 billion loyalty bonus  – Meanwhile, the 34-year old attacker was paid Sh14 billion just for accepting to renew his contract at the club. The amount was referred to as a loyalty bonus (never mind the little fact that he attempted to force a transfer away from the club last August even though he was being paid for being loyal.

4. Sh434 million Champions League bonus – Barcelona also promised to pay Messi Sh434 million every time he helped the club win the UEFA Champions League.

5. Sh245 million appearance fee – He was due to receive Sh245 million in each season he featured in 60% of all first-team matches at the club which he has managed to achieve in the past three seasons.

6. He earned Sh86 million for winning the FIFA’s Best Player award gong during the 2018/2019 season. He was also allowed to tear up the contract and leave for a free in the event Catalunya became a country and the club stopped competing in Spain’s top-flight league.