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Lion’s Den investor Olive Gachara roasted over models’ unpaid wages

By MWENDE KASUJJA February 13th, 2018 2 min read

City entrepreneur and panelist in the Lion’s Den TV show Olive Gachara has responded to claims that her Couture Africa company has not been paying models.

Olivia was confronted by the claims after she started #AskOlive live chat to invite questions from her followers on entrepreneurship.

But the gesture quickly backfired as disgruntled models took over the chat to demand to be paid their wages. They claimed they had worked for her Couture Africa company but went unpaid.

Users lashed out at Olive, many questioning why a millionaire would be unable to pay models, writers and suppliers.

The protest on #AskOlive live chat prompted Olive to explain on what the company was doing with regard to the models’ monies.

@NyakaniniChege wrote; “Some not getting paid since 2015 and you here talking about different companies have diff protocols…so that’s yours??Don’t u think these ladies have bills to settle? alafu wataambiaje landlord? “hatujalipwa boss our company has diff protocol” lol SHAME ON YOU.”

The company issued a subsequent statement explaining; “We never use models for free to grow their portfolios and if this has been done to you are owed by the business.”

“All model payments up to December 2017 have been processed and have been ready for a while so if you have not collected yours or been contacted, kindly reach out,” it added.

The statement only infuriated users further.

@amarion487 wondered; “Lol how can you say “all models have been paid” then go ahead and add” those who haven’t been paid should reach out “… were you confused when writing this or you didn’t know what you were saying ???? Contradictions… you’re just lying to people.”