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List: 6 Kenyan victims believed to have been abducted by ‘government operatives’

In recent months, a handful of people vanished off the streets of Kenya for certain periods.

Later, claims would emerge that they were abducted by government operatives. Some of the victims  claim that they had been abducted by government officials working on orders of higher powers.

Nairobi News now prepares a list of people whom it was claimed were abducted by government operatives and what they said:

  1. Billionaire tycoon Singh Rai- In August 2023, Mr Rai was kidnapped in Nairobi’s upmarket estate, Kilimani, as he drove along Wood Avenue. He was pulled out of his vehicle and forced into another car. It was speculated that this was a result of business rivalry as Mr Rai had obtained an order stopping Kenya Police and the Economic Crimes Unit investigating on behalf of Treasury from probing his business deals with Mumias Sugar Company. He was released two days after his abduction. Rai’s business dealings with Mumias company greatly displeased President William Ruto who ended up issuing his infamous ‘mambo ni matatu’ (you have three options) threats towards Rai and other unnamed so-called sugar cartels in the country. Some people opined that Rai’s abduction could have been politically motivated especially after Ruto’s threats.
  2. Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga- In September 2023, Maina Njenga’s lawyer said the former Mungiki leader had been abducted. Mr Njenga was abducted in Ndenderu area after his car was blocked by another beating Sudan number plates. “We are scheduled to appear before Makadara Court for a mention on the weapons case tomorrow. We do not know why they are abducting him. They are looking for a reason to arrest him when he does not appear in court,” said lawyer Ndegwa Njiru. Mr Njenga was released 24 hours later and they accused a rogue police hit squad of being behind his abduction. Mr Njenga has been raided several times in his various properties, leading his family to claim he was being politically targeted for his political ideologies in Central Kenya.
  3. Businesswoman Ann Njeri- The businesslady insists she imported Sh 17 billion diesel and as she awaited her consignment, she disappeared. It was said that there had been a dispute over the ownership of the oil between her and two oil companies- Galana Energies Limited and Ramco. Following her reappearance, she claimed some men who refused to identify themselves asked about her health history, took her phone and demanded access to it as she pleaded for her life. The men, believed to be government operatives, took her around different stations to record statements before she was blindfolded, and taken to an off-road unknown location where men who hid their faces asked for more statements from her regarding her oil import as they looked into her claims in various relevant offices. She was later dumped at a location. Later, Kenya Ports Authority were accused of offloading some of her oil without her consent but they denied the claims, saying Galana had documents that showed they were the importers. It was said that there had been a dispute over the ownership of the oil between her and two oil companies- Galana Energies Limited and Ramco.
  4. Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino- For three days in July 2023, Babu Owino’s whereabouts remained unknown. Upon his release and rescue, he said he had been arrested at JKIA, handcuffed, blindfolded, and thrown into the boot of a Subaru vehicle. He said he was driven to an unknown location and put in solitary confinement with no food or communication with anyone. His wife turned to social media to demand for his release and his whereabouts when her private efforts proved futile. Babu Owino ended up condemning the Kenya Kwanza government for his detainment, telling them that they could kill the messenger but never the message. His arrest came after he called out the government over the high cost of living which was being made worse by President Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza government.
  5. Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s bodyguard- Mr Maurice Ogeta, the bodyguard of Raila Odinga, was released three days after his abduction in July 2023. Mr Ogeta was originally attacked by unknown assailants claiming to be police. They vandalized his car and dumped him in his car’s boot before he was taken away. His abduction/arrest was linked to a round of arrests linked to antigovernmental protests. The Courts later ordered the police to produce Mr Ogeta in court after attempts to locate him proved futile. Upon his release, ODM claimed Mr Ogeta had been dumped by police in Ruai where he had been driven to while blind folded.
  6. Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja’s aide- Last week, Mr Osman Khalif Abdi, a key player in Governor Sakaja’s office was abducted by five unknown armed people outside Sarit Center as his wife watched on. Mr Abdi was bundled into a double-cabin vehicle and took off. The family, in lacking any tangible assistance from the police station where they reported the kidnaping, demanded that the Inspector General of Police produce their kin in court yesterday. Police denied any knowledge of the abduction but promised to make a statement later. No statement was made. On November 13, 2023, a section of lawmakers from the Somali community accused the Kenya Kwanza government of walking the path of abductions like previous regimes. They demanded Mr Abdi be presented in court within 24 hours and that police learn to identify themselves when arresting people. They also called on a section of people in the government to stop harassing and abducting people. They also claimed they would petition the President to stop the harassment.
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