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List of jobs that A.I. may deem obsolete – ChatGPT

When ChatGPT was introduced to the interwebs. It took 5 days to bag over a million users, and the number keeps growing.

ChapGPT is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that can generate human-like text and create chatbots that carry conversations with users naturally and engagingly.

We reached out to the AI tool and asked it a few questions. Among the many queries was a list of jobs that will be deemed obsolete with the technological advancement of AI.

Artificial intelligence vs human capital

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ChatGPT responded, “It is important to note that technology and AI can also create new job opportunities, and that many jobs will continue to require human skills and abilities, such as creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.”

There is a lot of unease with technological advancements and their impact on the job market.

Already AI can do several jobs done by humans and do it in a fraction of the time humans do it.

However, AI and machine learning have created and changed job descriptions, and humans must adapt or die.

“Artificial intelligence and technological advances make it difficult to predict which jobs will be obsolete.

“However, likely, certain jobs that involve repetitive tasks or processes that can be easily automated may be at risk of being replaced by machines,” the ChatGPT response explained.

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Some examples of jobs that may be at risk of being replaced by AI include:

  1. Data entry and data processing
  2. Customer service and technical support
  3. Manufacturing and assembly line work
  4. Data analysis and reporting
  5. Retail and hospitality
  6. Transportation and logistics
  7. Translation and language interpretation
  8. Legal research and document review
  9. Medical coding and billing
  10. Quality control and inspection
  11. Bookkeeping and accounting
  12. Data analysis and visualization
  13. Real estate appraisal
  14. Agricultural work
  15. Construction and maintenance

According to ChatGPT, “it is difficult to predict exactly how technology and AI will impact the job market in the future. It is likely that some jobs will be replaced or made obsolete while others are created or changed as a result of technological advancements.”

As such, individuals must be proactive in developing their skills and adapting to the changing job market.

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