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List of Kenya’s top 20 songs for March 2024

As Kenya’s music scene continues to thrive, the Ngoma Charts Top 100 Songs for March 2024 showcase the most popular tunes dominating the airwaves across the country.

Compiled using song performance data from six platforms including Apple Music, Audiomack, Boomplay, Spotify, YouTube and Shazam, these rankings provide an insight into the musical preferences of Kenyan listeners.

Here are the top 20 songs on the Ngoma Top 100 Chart:

1. TikToker by Soundkraft ft. Gody Tennor, Tipsy Gee & Kappy (2000 points)
2. Mukuchu by Gody Tennor ft. Spoiler, Soundkraft & RanzScooby (1293 Points)
3. Nyar Jaduong by Prince Indah (1091 points)
4. Kuu Kuu by Willy Paul ft. JZyNo (978 points)
5. Lifestyle by Bien ft. Scar Mkadinali (873 points)
6. One Call by Otile Brown ft. Ruby (867 points)
7. G-Bag na Jug (G Baga Jat) by Gadafee ft. Gotta City & Stoopid Boy (816 points)
8. Perfect Design by Nyashinski (816 points)
9. Cham Thum (Atoti) by Watendawili (778 points)
10. Osiepe by Prince Indah (719 points)
11. Hizi Stance by Wakadinali (698 points)
12. Nakam Sai by Lilmaina ft. sosatheprodigyy (656 points)
13. Dance Ya Kudonjo by SEAM MMG ft. YBW Smith (606 Points)
14. Pigana Na Mungu by Obby Alpha ft. Guardian Angel (600 Points)
15. Nimependa Remix by Guardian Angel ft. Deus Derrick & Sammy G (583 Points)
16. Time of My Life by Nyashinski ft. Bien (539 points)
17. Lost & Found by Bien (506 points)
18. Funga Mdomo by Guardian Angel (498 points)
19. Mali Safi by Nadia Mukami ft. Okello Max & Prince Indah (481 points)
20. Lele by YBW Smith ft. Lufasa (477 points)