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List of weird household items State House is auctioning off

State House is looking for buyers for a list of household items.

Through a public auction notice, State House said that the exercise will take place on June 16, 2023.

The list of household items includes split air conditioners, a water cylinder (200 liters), outdated food lights, extinguisher cylinders, an air shampoo wash basin, an evaporator, and a condenser.

There are also items like tyres, batteries, lawnmowers, a cargo bed and assorted scrap metals that are up for auction.

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Additional items being auctioned include a disc plough, lawnmowers, a 17,000-liter water tank, and a commercial refrigerator – a compressor Bitzers.

The prices for these items vary, with the waterside cylinder starting at Sh500 and the disc plough priced at Sh25,000.

State House also put up 13 vehicles for sale including a Toyota van whose auction price was set at Sh110,000.

The exercise will take place on June 16, 2023, at 10 a.m. at the State Department for Roads, Ruiru.

“The Executive Office of The President – State House intends to sell through Public Auction Unserviceable Motor Vehicles, Tyres, Batteries, Lawn Mowers and Assorted Scrap Metal on 16th June 2023 starting at 10:00 am at the State Department for Roads, Ruiru,” the notice read.

Bidders have to meet specific requirements, one of which is depositing a refundable deposit of Sh50,000.

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Gerishon Mjomba, a representative from the State House Comptroller’s Office, clarified that this deposit would only be returned to unsuccessful bidders.

“Interested bidders may obtain further information by visiting and to download a catalogue containing details of the venue, items to be auctioned, conditions of sale and date of viewing.”

Vehicles to be auctioned include three Range Rovers set to be sold at Sh1.25 million, Sh1.2 million and Sh570,000 respectively.

Others listed include three Toyota Prados were also listed with the cheapest – a Toyota Prado TX – going for Sh200,000.

“All lots bided and fully paid for must be collected within 30 days failure to which the purchaser shall be liable to pay a storage charge of ksh1,000 per day,” added State House.

Bidders will also be required to pay 25 per cent of the set price prior to the exercise.

“The balance must be paid in cash within seven days from the Auction day, failure to which the initial deposit will be forfeited and the item offered to the second highest bidder,” it said.

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